Newsletter 2019: Q2

All of Us Research Hub launches new tools to explore data

Spring brings new growth, and the All of Us Research Hub is expanding. We’ve added two new sections — Data Snapshots and the Data Browser — to help visitors access and understand our unique data. 

What are Data Snapshots?

143,000+ Participants who have completed initial steps of the program
80,000+ Electronic Health Records
143,000+ Biosamples

The All of Us Research Hub will house an array of data collected by the All of Us Research Program. Data types expected to be included in our 2019 release include participant provided information via surveys, physical measurements, and electronic health records.

Data Snapshots provide an at-a-glance view of All of Us participant community, including enrollment counts and key demographic characteristics. Our goal is to help prime future All of Us researchers with valuable insights into the breadth of diversity within our study cohort.

View Data Snapshots

Introducing the Data Browser

The Data Browser takes Data Snapshots one step further by providing the public the opportunity to explore the All of Us participant data. Within the Data Browser, anyone can view aggregate counts of information provided by participants via surveys, physical measurements, and electronic health record (EHR) data. 

Because this data is available to the public, we take extra steps to protect participant privacy. We only provide approximate counts for the participants as a group, and we never share individual information. We will update the Data Browser on an intermittent basis. 

Explore the Data Browser

Coming Soon…

In Winter 2019, we will be launching our researcher analysis platform the Researcher Workbench. The Workbench contains our non-aggregate data, which means it has more stringent access requirements and privacy rules. Anyone interested in accessing Workbench data must complete a thorough application process to register as an All of Us researcher. Registered researchers will be held to higher standards of responsibility and accountability when working with this data. More details about the application process and our data access policies will be available in coming months.

How will it work? Future All of Us researchers will use custom tools within their “Workbench” to organize research projects in “Workspaces,” build study cohorts using the All of Us research dataset with the “Cohort Builder” tool, and analyze data using a variety of our integrated solutions within Jupyter “Notebooks.”

Learn more about the Workbench

Stay tuned for more updates!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Research Hub’s support team at

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