This Winter, the All of Us Research Program will provide registered data through the Researcher Workbench. To access this data, researchers must complete a thorough data access application process. Once approved, researchers will have access to the Researcher Workbench platform and tools. The application process will open once the Workbench becomes available.


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Data Access Approval

Data Access Application Process

In order to register for the Workbench which hosts registered tier data, researchers will be required to complete the All of Us Research Program data access-process. A brief overview of the process is below.


Register yourself as an All of Us researcher.


Complete the All of Us Research Ethics Training.


Sign our data use agreement.

Sign up to receive updates on when the application process will be open.


The Workbench platform and its suite of custom tools are available to authorized and approved All of Us researchers. In the Workbench, All of Us researchers can access registered tiered data, workspaces, the cohort builder tool, and an interactive notebook environment.


In order to conduct various research studies, All of Us researchers will be able to create project-specific workspaces and add collaborators to them. Each workspace will feature a description of the project, contain the ability to add collaborators, and act as a home to save cohorts and analysis notebooks.


The Cohort Builder is a custom tool that gives researchers the autonomy to create, review, and annotate cohorts of the All of Us research dataset.


For more tech-savvy All of Us researchers, the Workbench has an integrated, web-based Jupyter Notebook environment to allow for high-powered query and analysis of the All of Us research dataset.

Data Access Tiers

There are different tiers of data accessible to researchers and the public. Why? This protects participants’ privacy and ensures that only registered and approved researchers are able to access the robust data for research purposes.


The Public Tier Curated Data Repository (CDR) consists of anonymized, aggregate data only. The Data Browser and Data Snapshots display summarized overviews of research insights drawn from aggregated participant data. This aggregate data is available to everyone through public, interactive tools within the Research Hub. This data is not available for download.


The Registered Tier Curated Data Repository (CDR) is only available to authorized and approved researchers. The Registered Tier CDR is more robust, and can be used for analysis within the Workbench.

The Registered Tier CDR is scheduled to be available this Winter.

Public level data is aggregate data only. The Data Browser and Survey Explorer are accessible to everyone to explore the anonymized, public facing data sets.