The Researcher Workbench platform and its suite of custom tools are available to approved All of Us researchers. In the Researcher Workbench, All of Us researchers can access Registered Tier data, workspaces, the Cohort Builder tool, interactive Jupyter Notebooks, and more. Find out about Data Access or peruse our Research Projects Directory to see how researchers are using the Research Hub. 


All of Us researchers can create and collaborate within project-specific workspaces. Each workspace will include a description of the project and act as a home to save cohorts and analysis notebooks.


The Cohort Builder is a custom tool that gives researchers the autonomy to create, review, and annotate cohorts in the All of Us dataset.


Datasets are analysis-ready tables that can be exported to notebooks. Researchers can build and preview a dataset for one or more cohorts by selecting the desired concepts, sets, and values.


The Researcher Workbench hosts an integrated, web-based Jupyter Notebook environment so that researchers with R or Python experience can perform high-powered queries and analysis within the All of Us research dataset.


The Phenotype Library contains pre-built cohorts based on published computational phenotype algorithms. Researchers can then analyze the data in Jupyter Notebooks or use the pre-built cohorts in their own workspaces.

The All of Us Research Program is now accepting applications from researchers to use the Researcher Workbench tools and protected dataset.