Data Access Framework

Below are some key points from the Data Access Framework. The full document is available for download at the bottom of this page.

The Data Access Framework explains how the All of Us data are structured, the steps Research Hub users must take to access the data, and how the program oversees the data’s use.

The framework is inclusive; this means data can be accessed not only by researchers affiliated with institutions, but also by citizen and community scientists and individuals conducting research outside of academic medical centers.

There are three tiers of data access: Public (no login required); Registered (login required); and Controlled (additional approval required).

Authorization for access to the registered and controlled data tiers will be user based, rather than project based. Authorized users will receive a “data passport.” The data passport is required for gaining access to the registered and controlled data tiers and for creating workspaces to carry out research projects.

Each user is required to submit a description of their project. These descriptions will be made public and searchable for auditing purposes and to facilitate public engagement. This helps to further the program’s commitment to partnership and transparency with participants (Precision Medicine Initiative: Privacy and Trust Principles) and compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act (Pub.L. 114-255). See below for the full text of the Data Access Framework.

Full policy is available here:

Download the file