Data Snapshots

Interested in quickly viewing the diversity of the All of Us Research Program participant data? Our Data Snapshots are the fastest way to view the diversity of the All of Us Research Program participant dataset. Updated regularly, these snapshots provide visualizations of participant demographics, geographical distribution, and more.




Electronic Health Records


Biosamples Received

Data Browser

Ready to dive into the data?

Our interactive Data Browser lets researchers, participants, and other curious individuals explore a subset of aggregate data available in the All of Us Research Hub.

The Data Browser is open to all site visitors. No account or authorization is required.

Data Sources

Our participant data is collected from multiple sources and processed using rigorous methodologies.


The All of Us Research Hub will be rolling out various levels of data access available to registered researchers. In addition, a suite of tools (in development) will also be made available in the workbench to researchers who successfully go through the registration and approval process. Find out more about what’s in the pipeline to enable and empower research.

Data Methods

The Research Hub applies a core set of program-approved methodologies in order to design a data set that’s helpful for researchers to conduct research studies with the set of tools available in the workbench.

Keep track of data and tool updates, Research Hub announcements, and research findings.