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Public Input and Research Workshop

We believe a large, diverse, rich, and broadly accessible data resource is needed to answer the thousands of questions keeping us from a healthier future. That’s why the All of Us Research Program values researchers of all types as partners. We are partnering with prominent institutions and organizations to implement a research protocol that respects participants, reflects the needs of the research community, and lives up to the potential of the program.

To ensure that researchers have a voice in the direction and focus of the program, we are co-designing a research platform that will facilitate a variety of health research initiatives. Our researcher workshops are one of many tools that we are using to harness the unprecedented breadth and diversity of data being collected to advance precision medicine.

A seat at the table

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Therefore, the All of Us Research Program encourages and collects input from researchers, our participants, citizen scientists, consumers, health advocates, policymakers, and others about how to best use the data we’re gathering.


The All of Us Research Program has used a crowdsourcing platform to collect public input on the future design and content of the program. This input included dozens of potential research questions as well as proposed approaches for answering those questions.

Research Priorities


In early 2018, the All of Us Research Program held its first research workshop to identify key research priorities. Workshop attendees used the crowdsourced research concepts to create additional research questions, refine common data elements, and identify priorities for future versions of the All of Us protocol. In total, the workshop developed more than 1,000 use cases and 3,500 unique data elements.

Future Efforts

The All of Us Research Program will continue to hold regular public campaigns to collect additional input throughout the lifespan of the program.

Health Condition and Cross-Cutting Themes Framework

The All of Us Research Program is interested in how individual environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors influence health conditions. This graphic serves as a visual representation of the scientific framework formulated from the use cases reviewed and developed during the workshop into nine Health Conditions (vertical bars) and seven Cross-Cutting Themes (horizontal bars) and identify common data types needed to address research questions that span multiple health conditions.

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March 21, 2018

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